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Why small businesses should chase their debtors.

If you are waiting to get paid for a job that you have completed, you have outstanding debt.
It is simple as that. You got hired to perform a certain task, you delivered as agreed, you sent an invoice and now you are waiting. This is the straightforward explanation of outstanding debt. 

You are not alone!

A research conducted by Intuit (Bookkeeping Software) showed that Australian Small Businesses are owed upwards of 26 BILLION DOLLAR by their customers. And that research is from 2015!  Believe us, It didn’t get better! 

So if you don’t want to file for bankruptcy any time soon, you should chase your debtors.
Even the ASIC (the guys you got your ABN from) recommend to chase your outstanding debt. That's why they published some details on their website under “Debt recovery for small business
On average small business owners wait over 60 days until they get paid. However, this is an average! On a daily basis Sally comes across invoices that are much older. We dealt with outstanding bills that were over 2 years old. 
Now what do you think? Would you be motivated to pay a 2 year old invoices that never got chased? Probably not!

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Sally can help!

Hi, I’m Sally helps Small Businesses, Contractor, Freelancer and any profession with outstanding receivables to chase their debtor. However, Hi, I’m Sally is not your typical debt collection agency. We do not send out threatening letters to your debtor or bluster them with an internal law firm. 

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How does Hi, I’m Sally work?

The three differences between Hi, I'm Sally and an old-school debt collector

We work!The biggest difference between Hi, I’m Sally and an old-school collection agency is that we actually work for you. We call your debtor, remind them of due dates, negotiate payment dates or payment plans and actively work with your customer or business partner toward getting the outstanding money onto your bank account as quickly as possible. 

Our SkillsThe second, and not less important, difference is that we do everything to keep your relationship to your debtor as positive as possible. We know that it is so much easier to sell to an existing client then to find new ones, therefore we make sure that our services do not have a negative impact on your customer relationship. We work in your name which means your customer or client will not even know that they are talking to an external accounts receivable specialist. They will simply talk to Sally! 

Honest FeesNow the third difference is the costs of debt collection services. Old-School debt recovery agencies offer “no collection - no fee”, we don’t! Look at it this way. What is a promise good for if all they do is getting your debt into their system and then sending out a threatening letter to your debtor. Your outstanding money might never be collected and your customer might never work with you again.
No-Collection-No Fee should really be called Free-But-Never-Collected.
We do not charge up to 27% of a hypothetical collection, we charge a service fee for our work. And that fee starts at $59 for one off money chases. We think that is fair. 

Small Businesses have special Debt Collection needs, Sally knows that. 

Our team has over 20 years of experience in accounts receivable and in-house debt collection in a variety of industries such as business services and supplies, health and aged care, manufacturing industry, chemicals, digital marketing, automotive supplies etc. As high I’m Sally we worked for builders and contractors (Tradies) for freelancers (design, development, consulting) and a variety of small and micro businesses. 

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Meet the "Sally" behind Hi, I'm Sally

Let me introduce you to the person behind the Hi I’m Sally scene. My name is Nadja and I actually enjoy chasing payment for outstanding invoices.

Unlike many other people I believe for it to be a common process if you were providing value for your customer but didn’t get paid. I do not find this situation awkward at all. Well, okay maybe sometimes. Read more

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