Core Values & Approach

Hi, I’m Sally. Your alternative to a debt collector.

Friendly and persistent (not threatening or intimidating)
Solutions driven (not commission focused)
Personal and persistent (not ‘letter after letter after letter’)
Cost effective and honest (not cheap and nasty)
Debt Collection Agency Alternative

We are not your typical debt collector - we work for you

Sally will actively chase your money, just like you would do it yourself. Friendly, persistent and solution focused. We treat your debts like it would be our own and will we do ‘everything possible’ to get you your money.


We offer genuine service for a reasonable price

Many debt collection and recovery agencies offer a so called ‘free’ service. In reality, this is often no more than sending a standardised template letter in the hopes that your debtor pays. Our approach establishes a personal connection and is therefore more effective than threatening letters or emails.


We do work for you and ‘as’ you

Debt collectors often rely on the ‘bad guy’ reputation of law firms, using that image to convince a debtor to pay. We use your company name to chase your money, just as if you would do it yourself (and maybe even a little better).


We don’t make threats - we communicate

Our professional money chasers are communication wizards with more than 15 years’ experience in Accounts Receivable and Debt Collection. They convince your debtor to honour their debts, without the need for threats or scare tactics.


We aim to keep things friendly

Sending a client to a debt collector often puts a strain on your relationship with them. Our goal is to recover your debt while maintaining your good relationship with your client so the door remains open for future business.


We offer a service not a promise

Hi I’m Sally offers a small range of easy-to-understand services at reasonable prices. We don’t make false promises of cheap or free services - we work hard to get real results.


No Contact, No Call Policy

To put it simple, if we do not reach your debtor or just their mailbox, your “call budget” will not be reduced.

You could say that should be our risk anyway, we say, that this policy supports our idea of an honest service.

We conduct 3 “empty calls” upfront. Empty calls do not reduce your “call budget” even if you just bought a Mini Chase. However, once we reached the debtor or a relevant person at your debtor's business, every following call reduces your “call budget”.

After 3 empty calls, you cancel or it counts:

After 3 empty calls we will offer you to transfer your “call budget” to another chase (invoice). If you wish to proceed with the current chase, every following call will reduce your call budget.


Book your chase today, have your money paid tomorrow!