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Inhouse Package 2 - "The Treasurer"

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Get Sally inhouse (virtually, at least)

This is the best option when you really want to get on top of things. We will help you to get your outstanding debts organised and we will chase your money either one after the other or all together.

Includes 5 Basic Calls, chasing  5 different outstanding debts

  • No lock-in contract
  • 5 "Basic Chases"
  • Different debts / phone numbers
  • Close within approximately 30 days
  • Same Australian-based chaser for all tasks

Hi, I’m Sally will take a fast approach to chase every one of your 5 most urgent debts (credit card payment optional). We will aim to close your case within 30 days.

Our ‘inhouse lite’ product. The perfect option if you want to get on top of a small number of separate debts.