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SMEs Make yourself heard

Recent research (East & Partners) shows that the average SME waits for up to 56 days to receive their payments for services that they provided or products that they’ve delivered. Almost twice the recommended payment time of 30 days.  The report also suggests that small businesses that fall in a lower revenue spectrum of $1-10 million tend to suffer more than SMEs with higher revenue.  Obviously, this is related to the way smaller companies have to always acquire new sales to keep their cashflow alive. Therefore, it is common practice to take the order, even if they know upfront that their business partner might not pay them for another 60 days.     However, this is also related to the...

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Let me introduce you to the world of Hi I'm Sally

Let me introduce you to the world of Hi I'm Sally. It has all started a long time ago. In 2001 to be specific. In 2001 at the age of 21, I moved from Germany to Ireland. A year prior I finished my degree in Business Administration and after a few contract jobs, I thought it would be a good idea to get some international work experience. The one part of my apprenticeship that I always liked was accounting, and accounts receivable in particular. So I found myself a job as Credit Controller at Xerox in Dublin.   There I was trained for weeks to ask the right questions and on how to calm people down if they are stressed or...

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